Jul 062011

Mike asks…

Who’s the Best UK Energy Supplier for gas/electricity?

Which company provides the cheapest gas and electricity in the UK? must be reliable as Npower have done nothing but mess me around! I don’t want much, just the best energy supplier. Thanks in advance.


I changed about 6 months ago from Eon to Atlantic for our electric, I went on a comparison site best energy prices and Atlantic were the cheapest for us in our area, so far so good, we have had no problems and are getting electric a lot cheaper. We did the same with our gas, went from British Gas to Southern Energy, and no problems with them either and gas is cheaper. Compare fuel prices and get the best energy supplier.

Thomas asks…

Which Energy Supplier is the best

and cheapest in the UK?

I want to switch from Scottish Power. They have been charging me phenomenal amounts per month. I would like to go to a company that doesn’t ‘lock you in’ – so no charges for leaving them, and that has the cheapest gas and electricity tariffs. Who would you recommend?


There are a lot of price comparison companies advertised on the net today. Best Energy Prices is a simple and easy to use site that compares the whole market. This site asks a few questions and after a few clicks you have the best energy supplier and more importantly the best gas and electricity prices. Good luck!!

Shelley asks…

What’s the best energy

price comparison sites

in the UK?

I’m tired of paying high energy bills. Someone suggested comparing energy suppliers to get the best utility prices. I’m looking for a website that lists all the energy suppliers uk and gives you the best energy supplier. It would make a nice change to have the best gas and electricity prices.


Hope this helps. This site will compare energy rates and give you the best energy supplier.

Click here to get the best gas and electricity prices

Richard asks…

Which gas and electric supplier is the best for Manchester, NW England?

I want a better deal. Which supplier in your experience is best for Manchester, England, UK? If you live elsewhere, you need not answer. Sensible and mature answers please. Thank you.


We use Scottish power and we are in Harrogate. I find them to be very competitive for my gas and electric and very good service. However, everybody uses gas and electricity differently so your best comparing gas and electricity tariffs based on your consumption. You can get this information off your bill. Just look for how many kilo-watts of gas and electricity you used in the last 12months. You’ll also need to know what tariff your on so you can compare energy rates like for like.

Hope that helps.

best energy suppliers

best gas and electricity prices

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